installing linux on Hyper-V

I used to be all about linux, but recently over the last few years I’ve stopped. Why? Its a step in the RIGHT and WRONG direction!

I needed a local linux box to do stuff via command line. My server is running HyperV, not VMware, and apparently just installing any old linux distro doesn’t satisfy the network emulation drivers…etc. I found that out the hardway by doing a full Fedora 11 installation, only to have no internet access.

So, I went google hunting…and found this posting online that gave you almost step-by-step directions on what to do. I’m plain lazy. So I cheated….Here’s the step-by-step instructions if you want to waste your time….Hyper-V Linux Integration Components in x86_64 and x86 CentOS and RHEL

And here’s the hyperV VHDs that you can download and run without hacking around….plain simple and easy in just a few minutes! Hyper-V CentOS 5.2 Distributions FYI, CentOS is pretty much a free version of RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Now of course, if I were running VMware, I wouldn’t have this problem.

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