poor laptop -> lenovo t400

A few of you may know that I purchased a Lenovo T400 last October just before the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Previously I was a trusted Toshiba notebook user having used and owned a variety of Satellite Pros and Tecras. It wasn’t until one of my friends showed me his Lenovo T61 when I decided that it was time to switch. I bought a fully decked-out Lenovo T400 to replace my old Tecra A7. But this belongs to another future (or maybe past since it was quite a few months ago) blog post.

Anyways, Lenovo has a bunch of videos on their websites of real-life hell cases that their laptops have gone through. Whether they are completely true or not is beyond me. PS, the did not play any role in my decision to purchase a Thinkpad. Here are some newer Lenovo test videos of users who felt like throwing away some money for fun (or marketing?) This laptop definitely went through hell.

I must say though, they are very well-built machines and I will definitely buy one again.

BTW, These appeared on Endgadget the other day.

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