Taking the year off to work for NBC-Universal

So for those who use twitter or have me on facebook (my twitter feed and facebook are linked) I announced this back in late-July/early August. I have also told the entire story to a fair amount of people, but in case you didn’t hear or are a little foggy about the details. Here’s a portion of it.

I have the privilege of a 5 month contract to work with NBC-Universal and more specifically, NBC Olympics IT. I will be starting in early November 2009 and finishing up right until the end of March 2010.

NBC, along with CTV and OBSV, will be based out of the newly made Vancouver Convention Center. My headquarters will most likely be based there however I will probably be sent from venue to venue to help setup and support NBC-Olympic IT equipment. Other than that, all I know is that I’ll be working long hours quite frequently but will get a behind-the-scenes view of the Olympics as well as being able to sneak into venues to watch some of the competitions during the actual games.

Gold Medal Hockey anyone? Only one can hope!

If you’re bumming around and still looking for some sorta Olympic opportunity, take a look at NBC’s job hiring website. They have a few positions open here and there. I would think that most of them would be starting in January or February. VANOC is also looking for volunteers so go to their site to apply.

Next post: how I got the job

NBC Vancouver 2010 Job postings
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