vancouver city cameras

Hang the cameras and leave them up there after! I don’t know about you, but I have nothing to hide….
Europe/UK have tons of cameras, I think people in North America complain too much.
Whats the point in installing all this infrastructure for 4 months of use, only to tear it down after? Put it to good use! Maybe it’ll lower the drug and crime problem we have.

CSE/NSA already have the systems to monitor you anyways. (no, I’m not a conspiracy theorist; this is more-or-less reality)

CTV City Caucus

2 thoughts on “vancouver city cameras”

  1. The problem is not really that people has something to hide, but more the idea of criminalizing (Is that even an English word? 😛 ) everyone.

    Many people do not like the idea because they do not trust the people with access to the monitor screens, and the saved video footage.

    But of cause, if you trust everyone who would have access to look at the video from the cameras, it would be no problem at all, however, people can NEVER be trusted, and what good is it to know, that the person sharing footage from the system, is fired, locked up, fined and has to pay compensation to you, if some embarresing footage is already in the wild?

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