downloading Adobe Flash Player annoyances

Every so often, Adobe releases updates to fix security holes after researchers and other security specialists find holes and exploits in their Flash Player. These updates are usually critical and require you to update your version of Flash Player on your computers asap.

The problem is that installing and updating Flash, in my opinion is a pain in the ass. This is one of my bigger annoyances since its very widespread and affects pretty much anyone.

The Adobe Way of updating these browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox: Updating flash is a bit of an annoyance for Firefox users. I don’t want to use Adobe’s Download Manager. I’d prefer to keep extra extensions off my Firefox profile.
  • Internet Explorer: Updating flash for IE isn’t super easy/friendly as well, it involves downloading an ActiveX plugin containing Adobe’s Download Manager.
  • Google Chrome: Probably the easiest browser to update since Google actually pushes updates to your computer. When a Flash update is released, your browser should automatically update Flash after the next restart.

I think Adobe’s way takes too long and is a headache. Too many clicks, too much user interaction needed.

My solution is to download the local installers directly and just run them. Its a lot faster, simpler, and easier. Whenever I’m working on client’s computers, I take this route.
Unfortunately, finding the link for the direct downloads can be quite hard sometimes, also taking an excessive amount of click and searching. I finally decided to use my favourite URl shortener service to make my life a lot easier.

If you go to it’ll take you to the page that has the manual download links for Internet Explorer and Firefox/Opera/Safari…etc. Feel free to use this link. It’ll work as long as Adobe doesn’t change and/or remove the links..

Hopefully this’ll make updating flash easier and faster for you.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if your Flash Player does need updating, visit and it’ll tell you if it needs updating, as well as other plug-ins installed on your browser.

3 thoughts on “downloading Adobe Flash Player annoyances”

  1. When HTML5 is complete and is supported by the majority of users’ browser, would there still be benefits to using a third-party plugin like Flash instead of open standards?

  2. The big question is when….Sure there are some great features about HTML5 but we now have to wait for developers, both professional and casual to adapt the new technology and wait for them to learn and release media for HTML5.

    Flash has been around for years with tons of games and flash apps circulating the ‘net. I think, once HTML5 becomes super popular, it’ll take at least a good 3-4 years before it becomes widely used. However, even though, flash will still be around, with all its old apps. Look how long IE6 has lasted!

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