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wordpress 3 & picaday

Well I’ve updated and to wordpress 3.0.

I also changed the theme to the default wordpress theme for now until I find a new one. I felt this one was very plain and simple which is what I’m looking for. No more fancy-weird colour schemes and small layouts. I can now probably fit 720p youtube videos into the posting areas of layout now.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve really posted anything or actually “updated” the blog at all, and I’ve still barely posted to picaday.

I do have about 6 months of Olympics photos, that I took while I was working. I think I’ll start a “Reliving the Vancouver Olympic Games” series on in a short while.

Stay tuned!

mac portal wtf?

Nuff said….

so how do you play portal on a one-mouse button mouse?
the effects of the mightymouse....

Ok, actually, from talking to my mac fanboy friends, the game doesn’t work too bad but they mainly have REAL PC mice with mousewheels and etc…

Here’s a funny snippet from the Steam Forums.

MacUser: “How do I select the other portal”
PcUser: “Mouse 2”
MacUser: “I only have one mouse button”
PcUser: “MacFailed”

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