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wordpress 3 & picaday

Well I’ve updated hestonk.com and picaday.ca to wordpress 3.0.

I also changed the theme to the default wordpress theme for now until I find a new one. I felt this one was very plain and simple which is what I’m looking for. No more fancy-weird colour schemes and small layouts. I can now probably fit 720p youtube videos into the posting areas of layout now.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve really posted anything or actually “updated” the blog at all, and I’ve still barely posted to picaday.

I do have about 6 months of Olympics photos, that I took while I was working. I think I’ll start a “Reliving the Vancouver Olympic Games” series on picaday.ca in a short while.

Stay tuned!

Riding across Canada

For the last month or so, I’ve been helping my friend Garret Reynolds, get his website launched for his bike-across-Canada this coming spring. He’s finishing off his M.ENG at the University of Guelph this semester. No he’s not doing this solo, he’ll be accompanied with his friend Dylan along the entire journey.

They will be starting off in Victoria, BC. (I guess you gotta start somewhere and Vancouver Island is the place!) Then they’ll head through Vancouver and make their way through the Rockies and somehow end up in Newfoundland.

Since I am from Vancouver, I’ll probably spend a few days prior to their trip giving them a hand in getting the last few things together. I believe they’re aiming to start on May 1st, 2009.

Updates to follow in the next few weeks!

For now, check out his website

Note: I have nothing to do with his layout and design; I was only there for technical aid.