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bike riding!

Well I haven’t posted for a while. Its been a busy summer! I’ve been working a lot of hours at Summer at St. George’s and by the time I get home, I have little-to-no energy to really do anything else but relax. Kids are stressful!

After about 3 months, my friends are STILL biking across Canada. They have 2 more provinces to go! Stay up-to-date for their finish via Twitter or their website.

Congratulations to Cornel Dobrin who successfully set a new Guinness World Record for biking across Canada. He cut the previous record by 3 days, completing the journey in a speed 24 days from Vancouver to St. John’s Newfoundland. Amazing! Canada.com

Lastly, if you follow my twitter or have me on facebook; you may have noticed that I watched entourage….well…I still don’t really know, but I’m guessing about 5 times over and over again. I had a bike accident in the Bike park at Whistler on July 19th,  2009. I awoke in Vancouver about 6 hours later with a Grade II Concussion and 3-5 stitches on my upper lip. Thankfully I didn’t break any bones; I also thank my helmet for saving my face/mouth/head from further damage! It took me approximately 5 days to fully recover and regain my memory back. Super bizarre! Feel free to take a look at some photos from the accident.


Here’s a little replay from twitter during my “concust days”

  • Bike park, day 2 w/ zach and @dave_munroe. Rented bikes this time. Hard tails hurt #
  • sorry all, trying to retrace steps #
  • still disoriented…i think im watching entourage for the 2nd time…not sure #
  • watching entourage again….but haven’t i seen it already?…..wtf #
  • slowly starting to remember things again. sorry all #
  • and….watching entourage again. this time i promise to remember! 😐 #
  • got a concussion from mountain biking at whistler this weekend. im fine now….sorry for the last confusing 24 hours all. memory is comi … #
  • hurts to smile…stupid stitches….grr #
  • @timylee im better now….just flesh wounds….memory is coming back 🙂 in reply to timylee #
  • biggest annoyance = stairs #

delays & riding accross canada

Lack of updates! I know..no excuses, I’ve been busy….kinda. More of my friends are back and so I’ve been out and about. Also, I think I am just blog-lazy if that’s even a term. In reality, I’m really not on the computer as much now than I am when in Guelph. There’s just that much more to do here 🙂


Just over a month ago, I mentioned that one of my friends, Garrett Reynolds and his buddy Dylan, are riding across Canada via bike. Well their adventure started a few weeks ago Wednesday (May 6th, 2009) when they landed in Victoria, B.C.

They landed here in Vancouver on Saturday, May 9th. I biked from my place to Stanley Park to meet them since I figured they’d get lost trying to find my house. We promptly found some all-you-can-eat sushi at Tampopo, on the corner of Pendrell and Denman. We brought 3 bikes right to the top floor since we didn’t feel safe locking them outside with of their equipment. Garrett had his first slice of sashmi and Dylan was able to fullfill his Ontario-long crave for Japanese food!

Garrett and Dylan stayed a night over here, allowing them to relax and regroup after biking the island. We did a MEC trip as well as a visit to Tom Lee Music to equip Dylan with a harmonica.

They’ve now been on the road for about 2.5 weeks and are recently just passed Nelson, BC. I’m pretty sure they’ve seen a variety of BC weather even though it is mid-late may. I do recall relaying some weather reports before they entered Manning Park; snow at elevations of 1700m! And the regular BC weather, rain…next 5 days! Prepare to never be dry.

Once again, their website is www.canadianodyssey.ca and you can also follow them on twitter

Riding across Canada

For the last month or so, I’ve been helping my friend Garret Reynolds, get his website launched for his bike-across-Canada this coming spring. He’s finishing off his M.ENG at the University of Guelph this semester. No he’s not doing this solo, he’ll be accompanied with his friend Dylan along the entire journey.

They will be starting off in Victoria, BC. (I guess you gotta start somewhere and Vancouver Island is the place!) Then they’ll head through Vancouver and make their way through the Rockies and somehow end up in Newfoundland.

Since I am from Vancouver, I’ll probably spend a few days prior to their trip giving them a hand in getting the last few things together. I believe they’re aiming to start on May 1st, 2009.

Updates to follow in the next few weeks!

For now, check out his website

Note: I have nothing to do with his layout and design; I was only there for technical aid.