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Well I haven’t posted for a while. Its been a busy summer! I’ve been working a lot of hours at Summer at St. George’s and by the time I get home, I have little-to-no energy to really do anything else but relax. Kids are stressful!

After about 3 months, my friends are STILL biking across Canada. They have 2 more provinces to go! Stay up-to-date for their finish via Twitter or their website.

Congratulations to Cornel Dobrin who successfully set a new Guinness World Record for biking across Canada. He cut the previous record by 3 days, completing the journey in a speed 24 days from Vancouver to St. John’s Newfoundland. Amazing!

Lastly, if you follow my twitter or have me on facebook; you may have noticed that I watched entourage….well…I still don’t really know, but I’m guessing about 5 times over and over again. I had a bike accident in the Bike park at Whistler on July 19th,  2009. I awoke in Vancouver about 6 hours later with a Grade II Concussion and 3-5 stitches on my upper lip. Thankfully I didn’t break any bones; I also thank my helmet for saving my face/mouth/head from further damage! It took me approximately 5 days to fully recover and regain my memory back. Super bizarre! Feel free to take a look at some photos from the accident.


Here’s a little replay from twitter during my “concust days”

  • Bike park, day 2 w/ zach and @dave_munroe. Rented bikes this time. Hard tails hurt #
  • sorry all, trying to retrace steps #
  • still disoriented…i think im watching entourage for the 2nd time…not sure #
  • watching entourage again….but haven’t i seen it already?… #
  • slowly starting to remember things again. sorry all #
  • and….watching entourage again. this time i promise to remember! 😐 #
  • got a concussion from mountain biking at whistler this weekend. im fine now….sorry for the last confusing 24 hours all. memory is comi … #
  • hurts to smile…stupid stitches….grr #
  • @timylee im better now….just flesh wounds….memory is coming back 🙂 in reply to timylee #
  • biggest annoyance = stairs #

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  1. Man, I hear ya. My helmet has saved my life at least 2 times I know of in my life. Other than that I’m sure about 10 concussions were avoided 🙂

    Glad you got your memory back 😛

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