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Conficker Update

The media hasn’t mentioned Conficker for a while so I figured I’d give you a little update about what its doing. BTW, I’m referring media as the mainstream news broadcasters, not the tech blogs/sites out there which most IT people tend to always follow.

Its been nearly 2 weeks since the April 1st doomsday. Last week, Conficker decided to silently start updating itself. It began downloading a variation of Waledac on April 7th. It is fake antispyware/antivirus software much like Antivirus 2009. It will attempt to trick you into purchasing its “services” for some amount. If you fall for the trick, congratulations, your credit card is now in the hands of hackers.

Once again, make sure your computer has the Windows updates. More specifically, the MS08-067 patch is installed. Also, make sure you have the latest anti virus updates.
You can also run Malwarebytes which has so far, had a good track record lately in detecting rogue software.

PS: AVG Free users, from experience, this anti virus software is like having no anti virus software installed. Get a new one! (I don’t have time to get into specifics)

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