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sound test!

Alright, perk your ears up. This test is a bit old, however I haven’t found another one out there recently. Maybe one day I’ll try and make my own.

This test will test your ears to see if you really know quality from “quality”. Can you really hear the difference between the following:

  • “regular” mp3 at 128kbps
  • “higher-quality” mp3 at 320kbps.

Note: I would not advise trying this on your laptop speakers. Use the same headphones or system that you use to listen to your regular music.

mp3ornot.com <– Click here for the test!

I wish there was a flac vs mp3 test, but that might take a bit too much bandwidth.

I got this right no problem on my first time. I had Shure e500s and a Sound Blaster Audigy ZS Notebook sound card to listen with; would have been embarrassing if I had gotten the answer wrong.

PS: I do believe the answer is always the same so don’t give it away!