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blogging delays – too busy in the motherland!

I did mention that I’d try and keep my blog updated with my travels in Asia but that has kinda failed.

In Hong Kong, I was pretty much busy with wedding stuff and seeing family that the only time I was on the computer was in the morning or late at night. Most of that time was spent catching up on email and other stuff too.

I am currently in Shanghai but will be heading off to Beijing tomorrow. The flights between Hong Kong/Shanghai and Shanghai/Beijing are short enough that I don’t really have enough time to write anything between them as well. I should also mention, that the internet in the hotel that I’m staying at is very slow, and we are also behind the “great FIREWALL of China” so I am unable to access certain sites (facebook..oh pitty…twitter, certain news sites). I should probably be careful what I post until I get home though, just in case….you never know.

I will most likely start posting my experiences during the final days of my trip and dispersed for the days following my return to Vancouver. I do have an 11 hour flight to do some blogging on. Other than that, everything is good and I have a ton of photos to go through.

Off to Hong Kong and China

This update is rushed since I’m in a time crunch to get other stuff done before I leave for my cousin’s wedding in Hong Kong.

I’m off for Hong Kong today and will be there for about 6 days. After that, I will be traveling to Shanghai and Beijing with my father. Not 100% what we’ll be doing but I’ll have my camera and will hopefully be going trigger happy 😉

I won’t have my beloved blackberry with me since its on the bell/telus CDMA network here in North America. Perhaps a 2-week blackberry withdrawal will be a good thing! 😉

Will try and keep the blog updated with photos and stuff about what we do.

Looking forward to a 14 hours plane ride…..NOT