home sweet home

Well I must apologize for the lack of writing. I am far too lazy. Given the choice between sitting here and reading random crap on the internet versus writing about my trip, I chose the easier one…haha
There’s just too much to tell! I know some of you are waiting to hear, especially those who I won’t be seeing for a long time in Ontario, I promise to try and get something up here soon!

In the meantime, I’m almost done going through all my photos from my trip and have begun posting them on picaday.ca I’ll post a photo every day for the next while until I run out. I took a good 3-4k photos in 2 weeks so it should keep me going for a while. On the side, I have checked our d300 and the pro-lenses in for a warranty check/service and cleaning with Nikon Canada. All free 🙂

Also, While I was away, I saw this post by a local Vancouver Police officer. It pretty sums up my drives to Whistler. Very frustrating….and annoying. When driving on a highway, keep your eye on who’s behind you and move over for them…please! You might prevent an accident from happening! [click]

That’s all for now, I will be starting with NBC a week today!

Behind the Blue Line >> Can you Answer This?

blogging delays – too busy in the motherland!

I did mention that I’d try and keep my blog updated with my travels in Asia but that has kinda failed.

In Hong Kong, I was pretty much busy with wedding stuff and seeing family that the only time I was on the computer was in the morning or late at night. Most of that time was spent catching up on email and other stuff too.

I am currently in Shanghai but will be heading off to Beijing tomorrow. The flights between Hong Kong/Shanghai and Shanghai/Beijing are short enough that I don’t really have enough time to write anything between them as well. I should also mention, that the internet in the hotel that I’m staying at is very slow, and we are also behind the “great FIREWALL of China” so I am unable to access certain sites (facebook..oh pitty…twitter, certain news sites). I should probably be careful what I post until I get home though, just in case….you never know.

I will most likely start posting my experiences during the final days of my trip and dispersed for the days following my return to Vancouver. I do have an 11 hour flight to do some blogging on. Other than that, everything is good and I have a ton of photos to go through.

installing linux on Hyper-V

I used to be all about linux, but recently over the last few years I’ve stopped. Why? Its a step in the RIGHT and WRONG direction!

I needed a local linux box to do stuff via command line. My server is running HyperV, not VMware, and apparently just installing any old linux distro doesn’t satisfy the network emulation drivers…etc. I found that out the hardway by doing a full Fedora 11 installation, only to have no internet access.

So, I went google hunting…and found this posting online that gave you almost step-by-step directions on what to do. I’m plain lazy. So I cheated….Here’s the step-by-step instructions if you want to waste your time….Hyper-V Linux Integration Components in x86_64 and x86 CentOS and RHEL

And here’s the hyperV VHDs that you can download and run without hacking around….plain simple and easy in just a few minutes! Hyper-V CentOS 5.2 Distributions FYI, CentOS is pretty much a free version of RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Now of course, if I were running VMware, I wouldn’t have this problem.