conficker live and lurking

The media hasn’t talked about Conficker (downadup) for a while now. Possibly because they’ve already frightened you and have nothing really else to say unless its something like the internet will spontaneously combust or your personal computer will blow up.

Security researchers are monitoring the virus as it is currently distributing its mutating code via peer-to-peer networks. According to a few sources, the new instructions are being transferred with high encryption making it difficult for researchers to figure out what the worm is supposed to do next.

Once again, please make sure you have the MS08-067 patch installed and have the latest anti virus updates installed on your computer however as of writing this article, there are no known virus definitions for the new variation.

Mcafee reports nothing, I only see Symantec & Trend Micro posting something about the recent activity.

Symantec Threat Center – W32.Downadup.E
IT Pro – New Variant of Conficker Strikes
Trend Micro Blog – New Variant in the Mix?


Google reader just updated some more feeds, McAfee does have some information now as well as some good removal instructions

McAfee Security Blog – New Conficker Variant

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