summer goals

I return to Vancouver on April 21st. Some objectives for this summer are:

  • Blog aprox 2 times a week
  • Ski for a few weeks until whistler-blackcomb closes (around mid may depending on snowpack)
  • Grouse Grind at least once every 2 weeks and/or some mountain biking
  • – make sure there’s something fresh from events happening around the city.
  • Fully configure our new Cisco 1760 Series Router
  • Try and get a job for the Olympics
  • Re-do
  • enjoy my 3rd year at summer st. george’s
  • create a blog network with my friends

There’s probably more to add, but those ones come to mind at a procrastinating 2am Saturday, before my exams

One thought on “summer goals”

  1. i’d be down for doing the grind, remember when we did it a long time ago?

    oh, and how are you going to get an olympix job?

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