google wave invites

A few weeks ago, my friend Brendan Irwin sent me a google wave invite.

I really haven’t used google wave that much since I got it and I really only noticed that I had invites to give when my friend Michael Sengara posted something about it on his blog.

So like him, I do have a few invites left and I’m gonna follow the same sorta base rules.

  1. I must know who you are
  2. I would like to be able to talk to you in order to use it more!
  3. You need NOT to be a GMAIL hater, as obviously, you will need a gmail account

Please contact me by whatever medium you use if you want one.

Also, google wave invites are NOT instant, they usually take 2-3 days after I enter your email address into the system for them to activate/send you and invite.


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