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google wave invites

A few weeks ago, my friend Brendan Irwin sent me a google wave invite.

I really haven’t used google wave that much since I got it and I really only noticed that I had invites to give when my friend Michael Sengara posted something about it on his blog.

So like him, I do have a few invites left and I’m gonna follow the same sorta base rules.

  1. I must know who you are
  2. I would like to be able to talk to you in order to use it more!
  3. You need NOT to be a GMAIL hater, as obviously, you will need a gmail account

Please contact me by whatever medium you use if you want one.

Also, google wave invites are NOT instant, they usually take 2-3 days after I enter your email address into the system for them to activate/send you and invite.


google’s next gobble – twitter

Twoogle? Goolter? ok…those names just don’t work. But Google is apparently in talks to buy twitter which would be interesting!


Douglas Bowman could possibly end up back at Google again!
Google/Twitter is the perfect disaster for one man

As long as twitter becomes more reliable at the end of it (bye bye fail whale), then I’m happy. Its frequently/always slow during the day, not that I use it very much.