Harry Jerome – New website launched

Mid-last week, I helped FCV Technologies launch the new Harry Jerome International Track Classic website. This year’s meet will take place at Swangard Stadium on Sunday, June 14th.

This new website replaces a much needed re-design along with some web 2.0 elements in social networking to keep users engaged and more immersed in the track world. The Achilles Track Society is responsible for overseeing the operation and development of the meet. It is headed by Doug Clement (just google him for more information).

FYI, this website is hosted by on the same servers that host my website and picaday.ca….

One slightly controversial item that this website, and many more out there have, is the use of a splash page.  From experience, I have found that end-users seem to dislike the use of splash pages whereas companies seem to enjoy producing them. It seems like most IT people dislike them as well. With Google Analytics installed, will there be a discrepancy with the splash page and the rest of the website in terms of visits? Will some users simply just exit and move on? Or will everyone decide to venture into the rest of the website? We can also compare the average time users look at the splash page. Lets wait a while and see what happens.

Check out the website: www.harryjerome.com

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