Semester is officially over

I wrote my last final exam this morning at 830. My last 3 exams have been at 830am, 3 days in a row. Brutal!
I fly home to Vancouver on Tuesday, April 21st.

From now until I leave, I have lots of things to do.

  • watch the playoffs w/o school looming over me Go Canucks Go!
  • graduating friends from the IT helpdesk who are leaving for the real world, job pending for many
  • Lots of Guelph friends to say by to….just for the summer?
  • clean up my room then pack it up and store it at a friends place
  • once again. HOCKEY! Go canucks Go!

Thankfully the weather outside is beautiful so I can now enjoy full shorts/t-shirt weather. I’ll find something to blab about next week

3 thoughts on “Semester is officially over”

  1. the first game was pretty close…I think this one will open up a bit and the canucks will be a bit more disciplined.
    But still..special teams FTW!

    Canucks 4-2 is my call!

  2. Congratulations on finishing 3rd year at Guelph, Hestonk !!! Hope you ace everything on the exams. You are invited to our house for prime rib and blueberry pie on Thursday … how’s that for a homecoming welcome? ….. Poh Poh

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