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Semester is officially over

I wrote my last final exam this morning at 830. My last 3 exams have been at 830am, 3 days in a row. Brutal!
I fly home to Vancouver on Tuesday, April 21st.

From now until I leave, I have lots of things to do.

  • watch the playoffs w/o school looming over me Go Canucks Go!
  • graduating friends from the IT helpdesk who are leaving for the real world, job pending for many
  • Lots of Guelph friends to say by to….just for the summer?
  • clean up my room then pack it up and store it at a friends place
  • once again. HOCKEY! Go canucks Go!

Thankfully the weather outside is beautiful so I can now enjoy full shorts/t-shirt weather. I’ll find something to blab about next week

exam traffic

Exams are approaching for university students in Canada. This period typically starts from the second week of April untill the end of the month. I’m done on the 17th, but if you’re unlucky, like at UBC, you could be stuck until the bitter end! I’m pretty sure that I’ll return home to Vancouver before most of the friends there are done.

But Exam Traffic

As most of you know, my friends and I launched picaday.ca last Monday. So far with Google Analytics, we have seen a gradual increase in traffic over the week. We’ve gotten approx 372 visits according to GA. Will this traffic increase over the exam period as people find more and more reasons to procrastinate?
I wish we could see the stats to FML or collegehumour, maybe even digg and reddit. I wonder if their sites see an increase in Canadian traffic.

I’ll post again through the exam period to comment on this. Perhaps I’ll have more blog posts then to rant about random things.

I take no responsibility if you clicked the links above and are now about to spend countless hours on the interweb

Update: my friend Doug informed me that digg and collegehumour use quantcast for stats tracking, you can view their stats here